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Infrared Thermal Imaging

As home inspectors, we do our best to give our client’s the most thorough inspection possible. We will inspect everything that we can visually see. After all, knowledge matters when making a large purchase. But, what does a client do when issues are within...

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Rain Rain Go Away

Living in Florida means it is inevitable that at some point you will encounter a tropical storm or a hurricane. Paying attention to the upkeep of the exterior of your home, especially its roof, can help to determine the amount of repairs that would need to...

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New Year, New Home

New years often result in new promises, but here at Kelting, we want to re-state our old promise to you that when you work with us you get more than just an inspection. One of the ways that we keep this promise to you is to offer a free Buildfax Report...

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What is a 4-Point Inspection?

When it comes to technology, we all know that as time passes devices become obsolete. For example, when you go to your local cell phone company for a new phone, you ask for one of the latest versions, correct? You would never consider asking for a phone...

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Roof Maintenance

One thing that can make or break the sale of a home is whether or not a roof is in good condition. The condition of your roof can affect insurance rates, protect or cause issues with mold, and determine whether or not a home is safe should a hurricane...

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What Inspections Do I Actually Need?

Did you know that Kelting Home Inspections offers 9 different types of inspections that can be combined in numerous ways? Our hope in offering so many options is that our clients will be provided with the most thorough service and peace of mind possible...

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Lead Paint Testing

You have found the perfect home for your family. It is the right size, right neighborhood, and filled with potential. Unfortunately, in speaking with your realtor they disclose that there may be a history of lead paint being used in the home. It is...

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Veterans Discount For Hometown Heroes

At Kelting Home Inspections we work daily with the realization that the freedom we have to run this business was not given to us without cost. We are thankful for those in our community who have sacrificed their time with family, their health, and even...

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Selling your Home?

You have an offer on your home and now you are in your inspection period. A home inspector will be hired by the buyers and will need to perform a complete home inspection. As the seller you want to do everything possible to help your home get through the inspection...

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Monitor Your Roof Covering

Roofs are designed to resist water, but they are not waterproof. Roofs will eventually leak, and you can never predict when or where this will happen. Routine evaluation of your roof covering is your best protection. You should make it part of your homes routine...

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We provide home inspection services to Charlotte, Desoto, Lee, Collier, Hendry and Sarasota Counties and surrounding areas including:


Southwest Florida: Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Rotonda, Arcadia, Sarasota, Nokomis, Venice and North Port.

South Florida: Lehigh Acres, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, Labelle, Moore Haven, & Clewiston.